Two-wheelers are often peoples’ favourite mode of transportation for various reasons. It helps a rider glide smoothly through busy Indian roads in no time and also helps them save a significant amount that they would have otherwise spent on rapidly rising public transport.

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2022 KTM RC 390 HD wallpaper

While most know that investing in two-wheelers can ease many travel vows, how many know it is illegal to take an uninsured two-wheeler out on Indian roads? If you were planning to buy a bike to ease your commute from home to the office and vice-versa, you should also start looking for good bike insurance simultaneously.

Although good bike insurance offers standard coverage, it is often not enough for some bikers. If you value your bike above everything else and want to provide it with the best coverage, you should consider upgrading the policy coverage by buying add-ons.

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For the uninitiated, add-ons or riders can be best defined as additional coverage that enhances policy coverage. Not every insurance company may offer the same add-ons, but the top players in the insurance industry provide the following standard add-ons for people to choose from.  

  1. Roadside Assistance

Do you fear getting stranded at a location if ever your two-wheeler breaks down unexpectedly? If yes, you should invest in a roadside assistance cover. This add-on helps policyholders get quick roadside assistance within a predefined radius from the main or middle of the city. This add-on offers various benefits, including assisting the stranded rider by getting his vehicle fixed on the spot, arranging for towing services, and a lot more.

The insurer can also arrange taxi services for the bike rider to ensure the policyholder doesn’t reach his destination late. To know all the benefits one gets with this add-on, read the complete list of inclusions and exclusions regarding this cover available on the insurer’s website.

  1. Return to Invoice Cover

No matter how much you try to maintain your two-wheeler, the vehicle can always be subjected to massive damage due to unfavourable events like manmade or natural disasters. Call it a biker’s worst nightmare, but events like these render a bike unfit for use. While two-wheeler insurance holders get financial compensation from their respective insurance companies in such circumstances, the claim amount is generally lower due to the depreciation factor.

If you want to financially protect yourself against such damages and ensure you get the complete bike price if it ever gets damaged beyond repair, you will have to buy the return to invoice cover. This add-on ensures that insurance companies offer the total invoice value of the damaged bike.

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  1. Zero Depreciation Cover

Everyone invests in two-wheeler insurance to turn to their insurance company to claim damages caused during an accident. But what about consequential damages caused due to a road accident? It is not covered under standard bike insurance. Policyholders whose bike suffers from consequential damages has to bear the repair expenses from their own pocket.

Expenses like depreciation and replacement of spare parts are a few examples. But if you want your insurance company to bear these expenses, you should invest in zero depreciation bike insurance. A zero depreciation add-on simply passes this liability onto the insurer.

  1. Consumables Cover

When a bike is sent to a garage for repair, a mechanic uses various elements like nuts, bolts, oil, etc. Unfortunately, the cost of these elements or consumables is not included in standard two-wheeler insurance. If you don’t want to pay for these expenses from your own pocket, you will need the consumables cover add-on. This add-on helps cover the costs of consumable items that become unfit for future use after an accident.

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  1. Engine Protection Cover

A bike’s engine is the main component of the vehicle. Even the slightest damage to it can halt your riding experience. Although two-wheeler insurance covers the damages caused to the engine during an accident, it doesn’t cover the repair cost arising from consequential damages.

These damages can occur due to various reasons like water entering the engine or leakage of lubricating oil, etc. And the repair costs for such damages are generally on the higher side. If you want your insurance company to cover you for your bike’s consequential damages as well, consider investing in the engine protection cover. This one add-on can go a long way in protecting your savings.

Ensure Maximum Coverage by Picking the Right Add-Ons

By now you must know that different add-ons play different roles in a two-wheeler insurance policy. The right selection of add-ons can help you get maximum coverage at an ideal premium range. As a bike owner, you can pick the add-on that best meets your requirement. However, always keep in mind that every add-on comes with an additional cost. So if you don’t want to pay an unnecessarily high premium on your bike insurance, only invest in add-ons you truly need.

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