The BS6 version of the Apache RR 310 made a great impression on us when we first rode it at the track during its launch. But the question remained, how does it ride and feel in the real world?

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To summarize some of the big changes on the 2020 version, the RR 310 now gets a ride by wire throttle, 4 riding modes, a new connected TFT screen at the front and Michelin Road 5 dual compound tyres as stock.

The one update that we were most excited about was the ride by wire throttle. At the track this allowed for quick and precise throttle response allowing you to transition between your throttle on-offs easily and modulate the throttle with far better control than before. An evident difference even though the power figures remained the same.

Out in the real world this character remained the same and once the revs are up the RR 310 is a joy to ride and shift through that reassuring gear box. This engine loves to rev but from a daily use point of view it does make the low speed crawl especially below 3k RPM a little less responsive.

In terms of top end performance, we managed a top speed of 160 kmph. And with a lighter rider and a longer stretch we believe that number should be higher.

BS6 2020 Apache RR 310 road review
BS6 2020 Apache RR 310 road review

But that’s where the new Glide Through Tech from TVS comes into play. It works on all gears in the Rain and Urban mode and first two gears in the Sport and Track mode. This makes life in slow moving traffic much easier. Just slowly release the clutch without throttle and the RR 310 will move forward at a minimum appropriate speed for that gear.

With the ride by wire throttle TVS has also better managed the overall refinement of the RR 310 and it is now much happier at higher revs.

The riding modes do come in handy especially is you are a new rider and you want carefree riding. In the rain and urban mode, the power is limited to just 25.8 Ps and in the Rain mode you have extra sensitive ABS to keep you safe.

On the flip side if you ride hard and love to tame those corners the sport and track mode gives you all the power with the track mode allowing for far less intervention from the ABS.

That said, we primarily rode in sport mode to get a proper feel for the machine and think most riders would stick to this mode once they get used to it.

BS6 2020 Apache RR 310 road review
BS6 2020 Apache RR 310 road review

Now the original RR 310 was already surprisingly fuel efficient and the new version carries this forward. Apart from being cleaner now thanks to the BS6 conversion, the RR 310 still returned a healthy 34 kmpl with a good mix of urban and highway speeds.

The RR 310 was already a great handling machine and we really love the light and easy nature that inspires confidence. This has now been increased due to the Michelin Road 5 dual compound tyres. These have amazing side grip and allow you to push harder through each corner.

It has also improved the braking feel which feels much more sharper and precise than before. The 4 kg increase in weight thanks to the BS6 conversion is barely noticeable.

The riding position also remains the same as before which is a good trade off between sporty and street riding needs. The foot pegs which felt low for track now becomes a boon for city and touring use.

The new 5 inch screen at front along with the premium switch gear changes the cockpit feel for the rider compared to the previous version. The fact that you can connect your phone via the app allows you to get turn by turn navigation, call alerts and even download your ride statistics makes for a lot of new interesting information.

On the whole, the BS6 Apache RR 310 has taken a huge step forward as a good overall package. Even though it has the TVS racing genes, it has now become a much better all-rounder than earlier.

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