Rebounding from last year’s hiatus in hiring, the Indian Auto Industry is set to witness a revival in FY 2018 for Auto Sector Jobs. As per India Hiring Intent, a recent study done by PeopleStrong, India’s fastest growing HR solutions provider, the industry will see an increase of about 8-12% in hiring numbers compared to last year. While this number might not look very encouraging, it indeed is a reflection of a brighter prospective for individuals looking for employment opportunities in the Auto sector.

According to the report, majority of this hiring will happen in the R&D segment of Auto Industry, wherein the focus would be in the areas of Design, Engine and Fuel side. In comparison to last year’s numbers, this segment is expected to see an increase of about 12-15%. Additionally, the hiring for these roles is happening increasingly for segments requiring new age talent and skills. One such particular segment, as seen in accordance to contemporary demand, is that of Electric vehicles.

Speaking on the prominence gained by such roles Mr. Shailesh Singh, VP & Head- Recruitment Business, PeopleStrong said, “The R&D sector of the Auto Industry seems to be on a hiring boost, especially for roles that require an individual to be equipped with differentiated skills. Since these skills are very niche, there has been about a 15% increase in the average compensation that is being offered to R&D roles.”

As far as Manufacturing and Sales Marketing roles are concerned, the hiring increase might not be that significant and range to somewhere around 8-10%. Almost 50% of this hiring would happen in the experience range 1-10 years. Another trend expected in the year, is in context to the Passenger Vehicle segment which would see more hiring activity than the Commercial Vehicle segment.

In relation to this development, Mr. Shailesh Singh, VP & Head- Recruitment Business PeopleStrong, said, “With the kind of push that the Government is putting on infrastructural development, the Commercial Vehicle segment would catch up in the next 8-12 months. However, in this segment the hiring would primarily be driven by Manufacturing and Sales and Marketing roles. While there will be jobs in the R&D roles as well, this number would not be very significant.”


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