The Indian Govt recently revealed its new plan regarding the electric two-wheelers in the nation. It clearly tells us how serious it is about the electrification of the country’s automobile industry. This is also a signal to the motorcycle manufacturers to pull up their pants and start developing new electric vehicles. Latest reports suggest that Bajaj and KTM have already taken a dive in this regard. So does that mean we would have an electric Duke?

Electric KTM Duke prototype-1
The first prototype of an electric KTM Duke spotted in May 2017 by

Well, it was around two years ago when a prototype of an electric Duke was first spotted. It had a big electric motor bolted on a Duke 390’s chassis. Not many details were revealed back then but one thing’s for sure, KTM has been working on developing an electric Duke. Since a number of KTM bikes are being manufactured in India for the global audience, chances are that the Austria brand would like to keep things the same way for its electric two-wheelers. However, we aren’t sure at this point in time whether the global launch of KTM’s electric Duke would include India or not. Maybe we would have to wait a bit longer.

As far as Bajaj is concerned, it is working in association with KTM to develop a common 48V electric vehicle platform with power outputs ranging from 3 to 10 KW which suggests that these vehicles could be mostly commuters like scooters and would be targeted for the entry-level and mid-premium segments under Bajaj. The first product based on the new co-developed platform is expected to be up and ready in 2022.

What are your views about electric motorcycles?


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