CFMoto made its presence felt in India by entering the local market with four awesome bikes – 300NK, 650NK, 650GT, and 650MT. However, it has quite an extensive product line-up for the international market. And out of that, it is going to update the 400NK and 650NK for the 2020 model year.

As per the latest reports, CFMoto is planning to put on display both the 2020 400NK and 650NK at this year’s EICMA in November and we already have some leaked pictures. CFMoto has done some minor cosmetic changes, like both the bikes get sharper and longer fuel tank extensions, dual-tone front fender with a new design, etc.

CFMoto 400NK will feature a smoke headlamp for a more sportier and aggressive look, whereas the 650NK will get a full-colour TFT instrument cluster which will replace the LCD unit of the current model. As for the engines, there are no changes done in either of the bikes.

India got the 650NK only a few months ago and it would be interesting to see whether CFMoto brings the updated 2020 model or not. And about the 400NK, CFMoto had shown interest in launching the bike in India. So perhaps we can have a new CFMoto family member some time by the end of this year or early next year.

What do you have to say about CFMoto’s bikes?

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