Dorna Sports, the MotoGP promoter has announced the new schedule for the 2020 season of MotoGP. There will be 13 rounds in Europe. The four rounds that will take place outside Europe still needs to be confirmed and is expected at the end of this month. The Dorna boss man, Carmelo Ezpeleta had previously conveyed the championship would take off again in July.

The first round already took place on July 19th in Spain but was only for Moto2 and Moto3. The next round is scheduled for July 26 in Andalusia, Spain. The host of the third round will be the Czech Republic and round four and five will take place in Austria on August 16 and on August 23, respectively.

The Italian Grand Prix at Mugello will not take place, however, Misano will host two dates September 13th and 20th. On September 27 and on October 11, Catalan and France respectively will be hosting the events. One week after that two rounds will take place in Aragon on October 18th and on October 25th. The last two rounds will take place in Valencia on November 8th and on November 15th. The four overseas races were supposed to take place in the United States, Thailand, Argentina, and Malaysia. There are no updates for the locations and dates for these countries yet. 

Marc Marquez - HD wallpapers from MotoGP Motegi 2019
Marc Marquez – HD wallpapers from MotoGP Motegi 2019

Fans had chance to watch and play motosports on digital platforms

While the world had canceled all the sports competitions, iGaming platforms kept their users entertained. iGaming platforms offer all traditional gaming forms, such as poker tables, sports betting, roulette, slot machines fully adapted to new niches. So, as the world is only allowed to watch their favorite athletes compete on the screens, the users of iGaming platforms were able to play favorite sporting tournaments without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The online gaming providers decided to offer opportunities to play real money online casino games adapted to their favorite genre including motosports.

The video gaming tournaments are increasingly famous on the iGaming platforms. As the technology advances the gaming providers are able to offer better quality graphics and faster connection to their users. Best gamers of the world take part in iGaming competitions. Basically, the users can watch physical sports, as well as watch and /or play virtual sports on the iGaming platforms. The options and choices grow day by day. The providers are adapting already existing popular games related to motosports and soon you may see your favorite motosport tournament on iGaming platforms. Online gaming is growing and engulfing all the spheres of entertainment and sports.

Bridgepoint’s MotoGP to suffer 30% revenue hit

Cosworth Group, a high-performance engine maker was founded in London in 1958. The company moved to Midlands six years later. It had lost £ 2.2 million in 2018, but in 2019 was an incredibly successful year for the company. It reported £ 4 million profit for the year 2019. The company’s revenue in the United Kingdom and Europe saw an increase from £ 34.8 million to £ 56 million. The revenue from motorsports increased by 56 %.

However, the revenue in North America dropped, and so did the automotive revenue. Cosworth has worked for Formula One, MotoGP, and other big racing competitions. Aston Martin, Honda, Porsche, and even the US Navy are the customers of Cosworth. Cosworth wants to start working on the electronic machines. This will enable them to manufacture hybrid and electric engines for land, air, and marine vehicles.

The company’s statement said that they successfully managed to use their road car technologies for aerospace and marine vehicles too. The statement also mentions the plans for developing an engine for Gordon Murray and a successfully completed project with General Motors.

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