Words fall short to describe the feeling of owning an RD 350. The RD 350 is easily one of those rare motorcycles that came in light years ahead of its time and still remains one of the fastest motorcycles that was introduced in India. The fan following of this motorcycle is not just based in India but a word wide phenomenon. We at IAMABIKER were lucky to be part of an RD meet in Bangalore. The ‘Bangalore RD350 Club’ was started by Vishal Agarwal who of-course is an 1984 RD owner himself. Learning at a very young age to handle the powerful motorcycle his passion for the same multiplied over the years, and out of this passion came the idea to unite the RD 350 owners from Bangalore. The Bangalore RD350 club started off with just 10 riders riding out on every Sunday and soon the numbers multiplied. With the current strength of well over a hundred it probably is one of the biggest of its sort in this part of the country. The group moderators Sahil Raz, Bharath Venkatesh, Srisha K and of course Vishal Agarwal coordinate every meet and make sure the RD family grows stronger by the day.

The Bangalore RD350 Club are determined to preserve these legendary machines and make sure they never fade away into the history books. With the age group of riders ranging from as young as 20 to as high as 79 the legend definitely attracts all age groups. The oldest member in the group is Mr Chakravarthy who even at 79 is probably one of the most enthusiastic member of the club and rides his 1984 RD 350 with utmost pride and confidence. ‘Drop a gear and disappear’  is the clubs tag line, and nothing probably can describe the RD better.If you are a RD owner yourself or just a big fan, you can always catch up the Bangalore RD350 Club on facebook and follow all details on upcoming meets and rides. It was a pleasure being invited to the meet and we definitely are coming again. You can check out photographs from the meet at the Bangalore RD 350 Club gallery.


  1. I own a Yamaha Xs 400 bike, model 1984. I need contact set n coil, one of my frnd told me, Yamaha RD association in Bangalore will get us Spares. So can anyone suggest me the address where exactly that association is located in Bangalore.

  2. I have recently owned a local number rd 350 bike in my name till 2017 model 1985. Fully restored bike almost Original with unsleaved piston. you can watch on HD video at You tube under title “Stunning & Super sound of Nunwal’s RD 350 YAMAHA“. please see and send your comments on above said Email. Thanx.

  3. I am a Rd fan and i have made a completely successful easy to install ignition kit which is fully electronic gives much much better spark than original system , it eliminates point condenser and old ign.coil.does not require tuning adjustments or maintenance at all totally waterproof. I have tested it for 30000km really is a lifelong product having just 3 parts out which 2 are easily available at any spare part shop and are really cheap and take me on that you wont require to change it ever….ever. guys i am also devloping fully electronic fuel injection, ignition and charging system which is 100% electronic and at par with latest automobile standards in the world will remove contact breaker points carburetors and all the problem stuff. its 100% maintenance free so you could enjoy trouble free raww performance of RD350….mail me you comments and if you are facing any problem regarding any problem with you car or bike any make any model i can give you the perfect solution regarding any auto problem in world….. goldminecapital@gmail.com….ENJOY DRIVING


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