Its been a tad over 10 years since we in India were introduced to the Pulsar series from Bajaj. We saw it grow from strength to strength year by year and saw a lot of changes that made this motorcycle a favorite to many. Many engine variations, even more design changes and a lot more small bits that were added made every iteration of the Pulsar family all the more special over the years. The Pulsar brand is now sold in many countries and quite popular too. The Pulsar was definitely an eye catching machine right from the word go, but the ad campaigns took it to a all new level. One after the other Bajaj churned out beautiful ad videos that catapulted the brand image to sky high levels and made sure that the Pulsar brand was associated with youth, fun and of-course style.

Over the years the core of the machine has remained pretty much the same and changing that would mean a new motorcycle all together. Criticized for the heavy chassis and average handling, Bajaj sure have done all they possibly could with the current setup and at this saturation point is rightfully where change arrives. The KTM connection is crucial for this new step and just couple of days back we saw the launch of the Duke 200 priced at a steal 1.17 lakh. The KTM connection has opened doors to Bajaj that probably in a really sarcastic  way we could say has saved Bajaj a good couple of years of R&D. But then, we really cannot take any of the credit away from Bajaj, they are group that has powerful decision makers that know for sure which market they need to capture or rather simply put know their market quite well. Mr Rajiv Bajaj at the fore front has of-course like any company head has focused on the numbers but has at the same time not forgotten to cater to the enthusiast, and there lies the beauty of Bajaj’s game plan.

Consider the lessons learnt from the older Pulsars, consider the fads that are currently the norm, consider the youth demand and finally consider KTM and it does not take much to realize, we already knew so much of the all new Pulsar.

Pulsar 200 NS 2012 Technical Specifications

Type SOHC — 4V — Liquid Cooled
Combustion system Triple spark
Ignition system Independent spark control through ECU
Crankshaft Type Integral
Max Power 23.52 PS @ 9500
Max Torque 18.3 Nm @ 8000
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 49 mm
Displacement 199.5 cc
Fuel system Carburettor, UCD 33
Air filter Paper element
Exhaust system Exhaust TEC enhanced centrally mounted
Frame Type Pressed steel Perimeter Frame
Wheel Base 1363 mm
Length x height x width 2017 mm x 1195 mm x 804 mm
Seat ht-Rider 805 mm
Ground Clearance 167 mm
Vehicle Kerb weight 145 kg
FAW/RAW 72/73 kg
Fuel Tank capacity 12 L
Front suspension Telescopic Front Fork with Antifriction Bush Dia 37
Rear Suspension  Nitrox  Mono Shock Absorber with piggy back gas canister
Brakes — type
Front Petal Disc with floating caliper
Rear Petal Disc with floating caliper
Brake Size
Front Dia 280 mm  Disc
Rear Dia 230 mm Disc
Front 100/80 — 17, 52 P, Tubeless
Rear 130/70 — 17, 61 P, Tubeless
Front 10 spoke 2.5 x 17, Alloy
Rear 10 Spoke, 3.5 x 17, Alloy
Max Speed  136 Kmph
0-60 kmph 3.61 sec
0-100 kmph 9.83 sec
Braking performance
Braking Distance — Both brakes (60 — 0 Kmph) 16.33 meters
System DC Ignition
Battery 12V 8AH VRLA
Head Lamp H4 55/60W
Tail/Stop Lamp 0.3/3 W, LED

UPDATE: Price 94,280/- INR on road Pune.

– Expected to hit showrooms by June end this year.

Visit our image gallery for more pictures of the new Pulsar 200NS

Its quite hard to say who the Pulsar 200NS competes with, of-course first of all it competes with the ever so popular elder brother the Pulsar 220, and then with those yummy specs the R15’s and the forthcoming CBR 150R already seem to be in a tough spot. Heck even the KTM Duke 200 will receive some second thoughts. Mr Rajiv Bajaj mentioned there is only a learning bond between KTM Duke 200 and the new Pulsar 200NS, but one look at the specs and other key factors can get you thinking otherwise.


  1. From a tourer’s point of view:

    Compared to CBR 150 on streets, this bike does have a upper hand. Its a tad bit more powerful and accelerates faster. The bike has no vibes (had taken it in to triple digits). The seating is a bit on the higher side, Guys below 5.6 might have a problem in seating. The tires agreed, could had been better than the one available in stock, are not actually so bad. But yes, you should not try hard cornering on wet tarmac with these. Personally, I did not have any issues while riding the NS.
    It is nearly as powerful as the CBR250R, smoothness like a Honda Unicorn. With a top speed of 140+ this bike comes in a complete package. It has considerably a good range of 400kms+ (under insane riding) and 570kms (under sane riding) and so is very useful for touring even to the remotest places in the sub-continent (Being carbureted, this bike is very rider friendly as one can fix up any faults with the use of less tools if there is a breakdown ever). Personally, this particular machine from Bajaj’s stable is era’s beyond the techs we are used to see. Doesn’t feel at all a Bajaj product.
    The lighting is appropriate with the 55 watt bulbs, though one would still miss the all-powerful projector menace of the P220. It is a complete bike from Bajaj stable where you can’t expect any more addition. It’s exhaust is completely under the bike, but is not a problem in travelling on water logged streets of the Urban India in the monsoons, well till the point you are in motion.
    This bike is good for usage for touring in Leh, Khardungla (Highest motor-able road) due to its ample power available along with the KTM, CBR250R, N250R etc.

  2. is this better than cbr 150r in performance, mileage and maintenance????
    plz tell me its exact mileage on roas condition…
    and seriously, i liked cbr 150r soo much…plz tell me for which biek should i go..
    i want mileage and low maintenance and performance also….
    plz reply as possible as..

  3. “One after the other Bajaj churned out beautiful ad videos that catapulted the brand image to sky high levels and made sure that the Pulsar brand was associated with youth, fun and of-course style.”

    This also includes this –

    Abject mockery and insult of their progenitors and teachers, the Japanese who gave India and Bajaj much to build on. Their help, Bajaj has replied to with insults. I would not doubt if Indian-Japanese 2 wheeler joint ventures dont manifest anymore. Its a shame. Their bikes thump all of Bajaj in a blink of the eye.

  4. I will not compare this to a KTM for sure.

    I think,from the quality perspective,KTM is top-notch.
    I also dont understand why would you possibly have a 3spark system for a 200cc bike.

    And at last,no FI on regression again…sorry,not happening

  5. No tech Sharing between KTM and Pulsar, only two similarities: 1. Learning and 2. Physical Prod facility. KTM benefits from economies of scale.


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