Three companies got together back in 2007 to develop better motorcycles, and here is their first brainchild. The three companies, Inmotec (Moto2 and Moto3 racing technology), Luma (Europe’s biggest anti-theft devices) and Dhemen (industrial design group). The joint venture company is called LEM , and their first product is named LEMev Stream, and it is an electric scooter. The scooter is 100% Spanish, designed and built there, and funded by national and local authorities.

The LEMev Stream comes in two colors, black or white. Its brushless electric engine delivers (kW power and 22 HP. The torque is a respectable 100 Nm. The LEMev can speed up to 105 kph (65 mph), and reach 80 kph (50 mph) in 6 seconds from standstill. You are not going to ride very long distances with the scooter, but for commuter traffic, it’s fine; the range of the scooter is 80 kilometers (50 miles). The scooter can be operated between very cold and very hot weather (-10°C to 50°C – 14°F to 122°F). The 6 LiFePO4 batteries supply 72 V and 50 AH, giving you 4 kW/h battery capacity. Using a standard charger, you can recharge the battery to 100% in 5 hours, but using the optional fast charger, you can reach the same level in 2 hours. The battery life cycle, is 2,000 cycles and 160,000 miles. The 196 Kg (432 lbs) bike and storage space under the seat for two helmets, plus additional space under the dashboard, one of them is lockable. The LEMev will be sold around €5350 including sales tax (but excluding any government incentives), but currently sales is in Spain only. It looks pretty good for an electric scooter. For a 125 cc equivalent, is pretty pricey, but according to their site, you’ll be riding for free within 6 years. You can check out the LEMev scooter gallery for more photographs.


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