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Why Yamaha WR155 is grabbing so much attention?

Yamaha’s WR range of dual-purpose motorcycles is internationally quite popular. It has three models – 125cc, 250cc, and 450cc. And as per latest reports, Yamaha has recently filed patents for two new names, WR155 and WR155R, with the concerned authorities in Indonesia which suggests that these two models would be added in the WR series.

This news has grabbed a lot of attention because dual-purpose motorcycles are not that common in the Indian market. There are only a few available and that too at very steep price tags. It’s being said that the WR155 would be based on the Yamaha R15 V3, which needs no introduction. So, if things work out and Yamaha actually brings the WR155, it could be a good deal provided that the Japanese keep the price in check.

Yamaha WR450F
Yamaha WR450F

When we said the WR155 would be based on the R15 V3, we meant that Yamaha would borrow a few parts from the latter. For example, the engine would be the same 155cc, single, liquid-cooled producing 19hp and 14.7Nm and armed with Yamaha’s VVA. However, being a dual-purpose bike, the WR155 will have features like long-travel suspension, bigger spoke wheels with knobby tyres, higher ground clearance, higher saddle height, bash plate, under-seat or high-rise exhaust setup, etc. In terms of design and styling, those would be inspired by the other motorcycles in the series.

The WR155R would be a sportier version and perhaps would have better equipment and off-road accessories as standard.

A big chunk of the Indian population isn’t very familiar with dual-purpose motorcycles. These machines are very capable and super fun to ride. And considering the growing motorcycling culture in India, if launched, chances are that the Yamahas would be welcomed with open arms. On a personal note, we would really love the WR155 and WR155R to come to India. What about you?

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