We don’t even remember when was the last time we talked about the Mahindra Mojo. It was, perhaps, when the UT 300 was launched. Any update about the Mojo comes once in a blue moon. Mark today’s date as we’ve got some news about it.

An updated Mojo has been spotted and there are a few spy shots as well. It seems that the Mojo lost on some of its key features that were either loved or hated. Gone are the dual exhausts which had a bassy note to them and which was, probably, one of the reasons why Mahindra managed to sell whatever many units in the past. The updated model has a single exhaust only.

New updated Mojo 300 ABS
New updated Mojo 300 ABS

Mahindra has also replaced the USD forks at the front with a set of conventional telescopic ones. All this indicates that Mahindra would be trying to control the price of the new Mojo.

The spy shots also reveal that the brakes on the new model would be sourced from Bybre. We also spot ABS tone rings on both the wheels which tell us that the bike will get ABS and we can confirm that it will be dual channel ABS.

As far as the engine is concerned, we are expecting Mahindra to tweak it to at least comply with the upcoming BS-6 norms, if not for more power and torque.

Key highlights of the new updated Mojo 300 ABS

  • Will now mostly have one version best of XT and UT
  • Single exhaust
  • Dual channel abs
  • Fuel injected
  • Pirelli angel CT tires
  • Telescopic suspension with fork brace to give it good stability while braking hard or doing off road
  • Entire braking system is from bybre with 320 mm disc in front and 240 mm on the rear
  • Silencer position is now slightly higher for higher cornering clearance
  • Bike will now be much lighter mainly due to the revised rake angle that will make it really easy to maneuver in the city and change directions easily
  • In short this is handling of UT and power of XT with a bigger sprocket which should give slightly better initial pick up



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