It seems that the latest issue that’s worrying, perhaps, all the two-wheeler manufacturers in the country is the Indian Govt’s latest ambitious yet impractical electric vehicle goals. Many industry leaders have already shared their concern about this but they don’t really know how the Govt is going to respond to that. Suzuki India might be worried about it, too, and to be on a safer side it is already developing an electric two-wheeler for the Indian market.

Suzuki electric vehicle
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Koichiro Hirao, Company Head, Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL), confirmed this recently at the launch of the new Gixxer SF 250 in Ahmedabad. He said, “It is under development. The project is on. We are not too sure when we will introduce it in the Indian market, because what the government has declared so far is its intention. But it has to be converted to some regulation. We do not have firm regulations and till such time you have firm clarity on regulations in the Central Motor Rules, it becomes very difficult for any manufacturer to time (a launch). Those things are still to be considered. But fundamental work is happening.”

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Also present at the launch event were Devashish Handa, vice-president (sales, marketing and after-sales), Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL). He didn’t comment about the launch of Suzuki’s under development electric vehicle.

While it’s good news that India is showing interest and seriousness about the electrification of the automobile industry in the country, but it has to come up with some solid fool-proof and well-thought plans otherwise, things could take an unfavourable turn in no time.


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