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‘Recky’ is a mobile app built for bikers to record and explore rides

It was recently launched by India's premier off-road motorcyclist C.S. Santosh

Who doesn’t like to go on a motorcycle ride? Whether it’s a breakfast ride or a long road trip, we (bikers) love going on a ride on our beloved two-wheelers. And when we return, we share our experiences with fellow bikers, show them pictures, and even guide them for their rides.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to record your entire ride, like an itinerary, and save it forever not just for yourself but for other riders worldwide as well? This is where ‘Recky’ comes in, a mobile app recently launched by CS Santosh which is targetted for bikers to record and explore rides.

It is a very simple app. You need to create an account and then you can start recording your rides. You can click pictures along the route and save them in the application which can be later viewed by your followers. An interesting thing to note here is that the pictures are always pinned with their location! Of course, you can select with whom you want to share these pictures – ‘Private’ or ‘Followers’ and ‘Everyone’.

There’s a handful of data that Recky shows like route, distance, top speed, etc. It has four display modes – dark, light, satellite, and topography. Recky displays all public rides and rides from your followers in one map-view, at all times so there’s no need to click and find or search, its all map-based zooming and panning. Pan across to any country and find rides there instantly as riders populate them.

Speaking about the app, CS Santosh said, “The whole idea was to provide the fast-growing biker community with a platform to connect and explore various adventure biking routes in the world.”

Recky is currently available for download on Google PlayStore. Go check it out and perhaps use it on your upcoming weekend ride and share your feedback with us.

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