More than a month ago, Revolt unveiled ‘India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle’ called the Revolt RV 400. It was quick to grab a lot of eyeballs because of many reasons. We already mentioned two of them (AI-enabled, electric motorcycle) and another one being the fact that it looks very similar to the conventional bikes that we have in the market. All this aroused interest in many people and just like them, we too are waiting for Revolt to announce the price of the RV 400.

Thankfully, we wouldn’t have to wait much longer because Revolt has revealed the date when it’s going to announce the RV 400 price. Yes, it’s the date and not the price itself but at least now we have a date to look forward to. Oh yes, the finalised date is 7th August.

Revolt RV 400 launch
Revolt RV 400 launch

Revolt RV 400 key features-

  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Remote start
  • Bike location
  • Real-time riding information
  • All-LED lighting
  • Fully-digital dash
  • Artificial exhaust notes
  • Top speed of 85kph
  • ARAI-certified range of 156km
  • Portable battery charger
  • Battery swapping options
  • Home deliveries of the batteries

For bookings, customers in Delhi and Pune can go ahead and book one right now whereas others in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru will have to wait until Revolt starts accepting bookings in the next four months.

So far, the RV 400 looks quite tempting. Now, it all comes down to the pricing because like always price plays a significant role in a product’s success or failure especially in a market like ours.


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