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New colour scheme for BMW G310 R, G310 GS

BMW G310 R and G310 GS are the two most affordable BMWs available in the country right now. In fact, these two bikes are sold internationally and are priced very competitively unlike in India where they cost a bomb for the features and equipment they offer. Clearly, BMW Motorrad India has targeted a very specific group of people with these two bikes.

2020 BMW G310 R black
New Cosmic Black 2 colour for the G310 R

Anyway, BMW has introduced a new colour scheme each for the G310 R and the G310 GS. The G310 R gets the Cosmic Black 2 paint job which is quite similar to the already available Cosmic Black colour scheme. What new here is that the front fender, radiator cover, and the rear fairing have been painted in black. They were previously white. Also, there is a slight red hue on the radiator cover and the rear fairing. Overall, this all-black colour looks much better than the previous one. It is sportier and more attractive and should lure in more customers. BMW will discontinue the original Cosmic Black paint job.

The new paint finish on the G310 GS is called the Strato Blue metallic. The centre portion of the fuel tank, as well as the beak of the bike, are now painted in blue. The rest of the motorcycle remains untouched.

2020 BMW G310 GS blue
BMW G310 GS in its new Strato Blue metallic colour

BMW hasn’t said when these colours will be made available on sale in the country but since they will also be produced for the international markets, we are expecting to hear an announcement pretty soon. Right now, we also don’t know whether BMW is going to charge anything extra for the new colours.

Both the BMWs are powered by a 313cc single that produces 34hp and 28Nm and is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The bikes have received good reviews but their high price tag makes them a turn off. The current model of the G310 R costs Rs 2.99 lakh whereas the G310 GS will set you back by Rs 3.49 lakh. There are much better products available in those price brackets.