We’ve been waiting for this to happen and we know that you have been too. Triumph has finally unveiled the new Daytona 765! Officially called as the Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition, it has been one of the most anticipated motorcycles of the year for various reasons. One being its engine.

Triumph is the sole engine supplier for the Moto2 world championship. This is a great deal as the margin of error here is minuscule. And to make sure everything goes by the book, Triumph did a lot of R&D and come up with a fantastic engine. The Daytona 765’s engine is derived from the Moto2 engine. It’s a 765cc, inline 3-pot unit that churns out 127hp and 80Nm. You would think that it’s the same 765cc engine that powers the Street Triple. Well, yes and no.

Daytona 765 engine’s internal components are made up of higher-grade materials. A plethora of parts is new – pistons, camshafts, intake trumpets, con-rods, titanium valves on the intake, and DLC-coated piston pins. That’s why the Daytona 765 screams all the way till 13,250rpm! And boy, the standard Arrow exhaust makes things so much better.

In terms of looks, styling, and design, the new Daytona 765 is very similar to the 675. If we had a say in this, yes, we would have loved to see a revamp. But still, it’s not disappointing. A big difference that you’d notice is the extensive use of carbon fibre to make the bike as lightweight as possible. Even the wheels are made up of cast aluminium.

For divine handling, Triumph has incorporated Ohlins suspension at both the ends. Of course, the frame and chassis is spot on. Braking is taken care of by Brembo’s Stylema.

The new Daytona 765 is indeed a special bike by (and for) Triumph. Perhaps, that’s the reason why the brand decided to do a limited edition run. There will be only 1,530 units of the Daytona 765 manufactured for the entire world. And out of those, 765 are reserved for the (lucky) customers in the States and we don’t know yet how many would Triumph allot for the Indian market. So, as of now, our chances of seeing the bike in person are questionable. If you want to have a closer look at the Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition, attend this year’s EICMA where Triumph might just showcase it.

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