Norton Motorcycles, the British bike manufacturer, is quite a famous name in the industry. It makes some really desirable bikes. It has its presence in India thanks to the multi-brand big bike company, Kinetic Motoroyale, with which it had a collaboration a few years ago that made some really big news. Apparently, they are planning to do something big, yet again.

As per the latest reports, Kinetic will be developing a new 250-500cc motorcycle in the coming 1-2 years. This project will be handled in collaboration with Norton Motorcycles. It means that Kinetic will use the design and technology of its partner to develop the new bike and manufacture it at its capable facility here in India. The bike will then be sold globally with Norton’s badge. The price of this new product is estimated to be around Rs 2-3 lakh. This isn’t the first time Kinetic has shown interest in low-displacement locally-built motorcycles.

Norton and Kinetic
Stuart Garner, CEO, Norton Motorcycles, and Ajinkya Firodia, MD, Kinetic Engineering

Speaking on this matter, Ajinkya Firodia, MD, Kinetic Engineering and Motoroyale, said, “We will make this motorcycle in 1-2 years which will be in the 250-500 cc range but will be priced between Rs 2-3 lakh. While Motoroyale has an entire bouquet of brands, the first brand that will be preferred for this collaboration is Norton Motorcycles, because we have a 51:49 JV which was created with a vision like this. We will develop a new bike and localise as we go ahead.”

We remember Kinetic from the old days when it introduced India’s first two-stroke automatic scooter, the Kinetic Honda. Also, in 2008, it launched the Blaze with a 165cc engine that produced 11.5hp and 12Nm of torque and was perhaps the most powerful automatic scooter of its time. Kinetic has impressed us many times in the past and after hearing its latest announcement, we are looking forward to getting blown away once again.


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