There’s a new video on the Web that has made us (enthusiasts) extremely excited. It is the first teaser of what looks like a new naked supercharged Z! Ever since Kawasaki launched the might H2, this upcoming bike was inevitable. So far, Kawasaki used its supercharged engine in the H2, H2R, and H2 SX, now it’s time to use it in a naked Z!

Being a teaser video, it didn’t reveal much but it was more than sufficient to get us hooked. It shows a supercharger fan and the world-renowned Kawasaki Z logo. So it’s just simple maths – supercharger + Z logo = Supercharged Z. The thing that’s a bit complicated here is to figure out what the new bike would be about.

Since this is the first teaser, there’s still time before Kawasaki reveals more details about the bike. However, we will have our eyes and ears open during the upcoming international motor shows like Tokyo Motor Show, EICMA, etc.

What do you think the new supercharged Z would be like?

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