Hero presented its Xtreme 1.R concept at the ongoing EICMA 2019 and it was quite striking to look at. It was something that we aren’t used to seeing having a Hero badge. It had sharp lines, very aggressive and sporty stance and looked like a bike from the future.

For us, the best part of this concept was the design of its tail section. It had been kept very high just like that of a proper sportbike. It imparts the bike a very premium and sporty look.

The Xtreme 1.R also had a dual-tone paint job, a muscular fuel tank, USD forks at the front, monoshock at the rear, and a radical LED headlamp. Hero says that the Xtreme 1.R concept is inspired by ‘the precision of arrow’ and weighs less that 140 kg. It is based on the brand’s 200cc ‘X platform’ which already gave us bikes like the Xtreme 200R, Xtreme 200S, Xpluse 200, and Xpluse 200T.

All this suggests that the Xtreme 1.R concept would be the base of Hero’s future motorcycles. Or would it?

hero hastur concept auto expo 2014
Hero Hastur concept

Remember the Hastur that Hero showcased at the Auto Expo 2014? Didn’t it look tempting? 620cc, parallel-twin, 80 PS, top speed of 240 km/h. It all looked like Hero would finally bring something really interesting that would please the youth of the country. Where’s the Hastur today? No one knows.

We would really like Hero to implement its new Xtreme 1.R concept in its future products. That would be great. But having a look at its history, we also have second thoughts about it.

What do you guys think? Would Hero actually bring bikes based on the Xtreme 1.R concept or is it just another shot in the dark?

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