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Harley-Davidson Livewire to be launched in India next week

Recent posts on Harley-Davidson India’s social media accounts tell us that it’s planning to launch the Livewire in the country next week on 27th August. This is big news for both the brand and the Indian motorcycle industry. The Livewire is HD’s first fully-electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Livewire was recently launched in the US and at that time it wasn’t clear whether it will be made available in India or not. Speculations were made that HD will bring the Livewire to India but we didn’t know when. Now, after teasing pictures and revealing a date, Harley-Davidson India has completely taken us by shock as we weren’t expecting it to launch the Livewire in the country this soon!

The Livewire is no less than HD’s flagship product and since it’s also the brand’s first fully-electric motorcycle, it had to be special. It has some of the finest equipment that the motorcycle industry has got, like Brembo Monoblock brake callipers, Michelin Scorcher Sport tyres, Showa sourced BFRC mono-shock at the rear, etc.


Being an electric motorcycle, the Livewire is ‘live’ as soon as you twist open its throttle. It is capable of achieving 100kph from a standstill in a mere 3 seconds and flat out it will do 153kph. It has a range of 235km in the city and 158km on highways. The batteries can be charged from 0-80% in just 40 mins provided that you are using a fast DC charger. We are assuming that these figures are results of several tests that the company must have done at its headquarters located outside India, so it would be interesting to see how the bike actually performs here.

Earlier we said that the Livewire’s launch in India is big news for both the brand and the Indian motorcycle industry. For the brand, because it is, of course, HD’s first fully-electric motorcycle and India is a huge two-wheeler market in the world. And for the Indian motorcycle industry, because the Indian Govt is already taking strict measures to implement the use of electric vehicles in the country so having a premium electric motorcycle is a good sign and would boost the entire campaign.

Regarding the price, we have no details as of now, but it is being anticipated that the Livewire would cost somewhere in the range of Rs 20-25 lakh. Stay tuned for future updates.

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