Travelling or touring on motorcycles in India have seen a sudden surge over the last few years. This led to brands organising their own riding events and tours specifically for their customers to form new bonds. Ducati India is very active when it comes to organising such rides and conducting bike-related events. We recently reported about the Ducati ‘Big Indian Scramble’ Independence Day Ride 2019. Today, it’s about the Ducati Dream Tour.

Ducati is back with its Dream Tour ride and this time it’s going to take you to Spiti – the hidden heart of the Himalayas, the Middle Land. Located in the North East region of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the enchanting valley surrounded by rugged mountains that add to the incredible sense of wonder and adventure. Engaging an ancient culture beholding a million stars by night, and riding through one of the most spectacular motorcycle routes during the day. This is the ride of a lifetime.

Ducati Dream Tour, Spiti Valley, is going to be a 7-day long tour that will cover various beautiful places and scenic routes. Since it’s a high-scale event, you will have all the support and services you could think of like backup support, medical support, mechanics, a vehicle for carrying guest luggage, accommodation, meals, ride pictures and videos, and much more.

The Spiti Dream Tour is only applicable for all Multistrada family models, all Scramblers except for Cafe Racer and all Hypermotards family models. The total cost per rider for the entire package is Rs 95,000 + 5% tax! For the entire itinerary and more details, you can visit the official page of this tour by clicking HERE.

If you have the aforementioned Ducati and the required amount of money, make sure to create time for this ride and book your slot at the earliest!

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