Yamaha WR155 R, a dual-purpose motorcycle, has been recently launched in our neighbouring country Indonesia. We are interested in this motorcycle because we think that India would be the perfect place for this bike. Don’t you think so?

Powering the WR 155 R is the same 155cc single-cylinder engine that we have seen in the latest R15 V3. However, it has been tuned a bit differently to suit the bike’s character. On the WR 155 R, this engine produces slightly less power (16.5 bhp) and 14.3 Nm of torque that kicks in at 2000 rpm earlier. The gearbox here is the same 6-speed unit.

Most of you might not like the way the Yamaha WR 155 R looks (it isn’t that bad actually) but that’s okay because the aesthetic isn’t this bike’s forte but the way it rides on bad roads and no roads is. It has long-travel 41mm forks at the front and a gas-charged monoshock with preload adjustment at the rear. Also, it rides on 21/18-in wheel configuration which helps it to handle most of the terrain conditions pretty well.

Yamaha WR 155 R

Riding on Indian roads can turn out to be very surprising because you really can’t anticipate the upcoming pothole or perhaps even the end of the road. But riding the Yamaha WR 155 R here would be like riding it at its own turf.

The sad part is that Yamaha won’t be bringing the WR 155 R in India anytime soon. It is currently focusing on products that would bring in more volume. However, we do hope that a day will come when India would become a high-priority market for bikes like the WR 155 R and more.

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