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Attend Honda Africa Twin True Adventure Camp to know your Africa Twin better

Honda Africa Twin is a fantastic adventure motorcycle with a handful of technologically advanced features like the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) and 4 different riding modes. To make the most out of your Africa Twin, you should be aware of how to properly use these features. And with its Africa Twin True Adventure Camp, Honda is trying to help the owners to better understand their adventure bikes.

Honda has recently conducted the opening leg of the Africa Twin True Adventure Camp that took place close to the Damdama Lake in Haryana. The primary objective of this camp is to familiarise the owners of the Africa Twin with the bike by taking them through a series of theoretical sessions and off-road courses. It was attended by 20 riders who were trained on the basics of off-road riding by Vijay Parmar, president, Himalayan Motorsport Association.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing such an event. Other brands like BMW and Triumph have organised such informative events in the past from which the customers/owners get to learn more about their bikes and eventually become a better rider overall.

The next cities where Honda will conduct its Africa Twin True Adventure Camp are Mumbai, Bangalore and Kochi. Other cities too will be covered in the future.

Have you mastered the advanced technological features of your Africa Twin? Let us know.

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