Yamaha has shown us a new face of the ‘dark side of Japan’ by unveiling its brand-new 2020 MT-03, a hyper naked streetfighter. As you would have guessed by now, the MT-03 is the naked version of the much popular YZF-R3. So what’s new in its 2020 model year?

2020 Yamaha MT-03 Key Features-

  • Aggressive next-generation MT design
  • 321cc twin-cylinder engine with easy-to-ride engine character
  • 37mm upside-down KYB front forks
  • Long swingarm with Monocross rear shock
  • Lightweight diamond-type frame layout
  • Ergonomic riding position
  • LED headlight and turn signals
  • Dual-position lights
  • LCD instrumentation
  • High-quality big-bike look and feel

The MT-03 and R3 have the same relationship as the MT-15 and R15 V3. Of course, they are much bigger and powerful bikes than the 15s but the concept is more or less the same. Then MT-03 is as good as a naked motorcycle can be. It looks fantastic, especially from the front which has a set of signature LED DRL which help you to identify it even from a distance.

Considering the handling of the MT-15, we know for sure that the MT-03 is going to be a superb handler with hawk-like agility. This character comes in very handy in city riding conditions. And its twin-cylinder engine delivers the torque in a linear fashion which just enhances the overall riding experience.

Yamaha hasn’t launched the updated R3 in India yet and now there’s a new MT as well. We love both the bikes and we would really like Yamaha to bring them here in India. Wouldn’t you like the same?

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