Norton Motorcycles is heading for a comeback to the legendary Isle Of Man TT race. The British motorcycle manufacturer is all set to get back to the legendary race after bouncing back from nearly closing down last year. Now, with the support from TVS Motor Company, Norton is looking at getting back to its roots with a return to the legendary TT race.

Norton V4 RR Isle Of Man TT

The Isle Of Man TT is one of the oldest motorcycle races on the planet, starting way back in 1907. It takes place on the Isle Of Man in the UK and is held in high regard by motorcycle enthusiasts across the world. Over its 113-year-history, many legendary motorcycle brands have raced at the event and Norton is one among them.

There was a time when Norton Motorcycles dominated the Isle Of Man TT and the English motorcycle brand was an unstoppable force in the race. In recent years though, Norton hasn’t been as successful. In 2014, Norton Motorcycles entered the Isle Of Man TT with the Norton V4 RR but it failed to grab a podium. Unfortunately, since then things went downhill for the brand.

In the first half of 2020, the company went into administration and very nearly shut down. The then CEO Stuart Garner was involved in a pensions scandal and the Norton brand went downhill. Indian auto giant TVS Motor Company stepped in and purchased the entire Norton brand and all its assets. Since then, things have turned around for the brand.

Norton Superlight SS
Norton Superlight SS

All dues were being cleared, offices were moved, and manufacturing of Norton’s exotic motorcycles resumed. Now that Norton has bounced back, the brand is looking at a comeback to the legendary Isle Of Man TT. In an Interview with VisorDown, John Russell, the Interim CEO of Norton revealed plans for a return to the TT.

He was quoted as saying, “Norton is inextricably linked with racing, and in particular with TT. That’s got to be part of what we are in the future. You couldn’t talk or think about Norton without thinking of racing. They were dominant in those various eras and the past was extraordinary.”

He also spoke about how racing helps in the development of motorcycles and also about how it integrates fully into the company’s way of functioning. So, there is no doubt about Norton’s return to racing at the Isle Of man. However, there is still uncertainty about which motorcycle Norton will be racing and who would be riding it.

If the brand was considering getting back to racing this year, the Norton V4 RR would have been used. However, the 2021 Isle Of Man TT has been cancelled thanks to the uncertainty of the pandemic. So, it remains to be seen what Norton would do at the 2022 Isle Of Man TT.

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