The BMW R18 Class has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs 24 lakh. The ‘Classic’ is a touring focused variant of the R18. BMW has made quite a few changes to make the motorcycle more touring friendly compared to the R18 First Edition cruiser.

BMW R18 Classic

BMW Motorrad launched the R18 in September 2020. It is one of the best-looking cruisers out there. It sported a proper old-school cruiser design with a Black colour scheme loaded with lots of Chrome.

The boxer engine with its large cylinders sticking out, the open driveshaft, and the chrome fishtail exhaust system just made the motorcycle more gorgeous. Now, BMW has launched the R18 Classic in India. It is based on the R18 First Edition but features several changes to make it more touring friendly.

Up front is the same circular LED headlamp. Right above it is a large windscreen to make touring a more pleasant experience. Flanking the headlamps are two auxiliary lights that are offered as standard equipment.

BMW R18 Classic

The 19-inch front wheel has been replaced by a 16-inch wheel to make the ride more comfortable over longer distances. The wheels are shod with wider, grippier tyres. The seat has been redesigned to make the ride more comfortable. The fishtail exhaust has been replaced by flatter slashed pipes in order to make space for the saddlebags.

The motorcycle still sports quite a bit of chrome and looks beautiful, to say the least. Power is drawn from the same air-cooled, 1,802cc boxer engine. It puts out 91bhp and 158Nm, making it one of the best performers out there. The BMW R18 Classic also features lots of electronic riding aids including traction control, cornering ABS, and three riding modes — Roll, Rock, and Rain.

At Rs 24 lakh (ex-showroom), the BMW R18 Classic is Rs 1.5 lakh more expensive than the R18 First Edition. However, it does offer more usability thanks to the changes made. Bookings are now open for the BMW R18 Classic across all BMW Motorrad dealerships in India.

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