The Triumph Bonneville range has been updated for the 2022 model year. Triumph Motorcycles recently updated all models in the Bonneville lineup for 2022. Here is a lowdown on all the models with their respective changes and updates.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Range

The Triumph Bonneville first debuted way back in 1959 and was an instant success. The model was discontinued in 1983 and brought back to life in 1985, only to be discontinued in 1988 again. After 13 years, the Triumph Bonneville was relaunched in 2001 and it has been Triumph’s best-selling motorcycle since then.

The fact that the Bonneville range comprises many variants and sub-variants only helps increase sales figures as well as the number of Bonneville fans. The Triumph Bonneville range for 2021 have been listed below, along with all of their features.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

The Street Twin is the best-selling variant of the Bonneville. It is also the most-basic model, which allows Triumph to price it well, and that in turn results in greater sales figures. For 2022, most of the Street Twin remains unchanged, especially in terms of design and styling. It carries the same iconic look forward.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

The updates to this variant have been targeted at the little details. It gets a new ribbed seat with more foam and a redesign, aluminium headlamp brackets, new throttle body covers, new decals on the fuel tank, and new 10-spoke cast alloy wheels.

It features the same air and oil-cooled, 900cc, parallel-twin-cylinder engine. Even though it is now Euro 5 emissions norms compliant, the power and torque output remains the same at 65bhp and 80Nm. Triumph has also announced a sub-variant of the Street Twin.

Called the Street Twin Gold Line, it is a limited edition model. It comes with a hand-finished custom paint job. The Street Twin Gold Line gets a Matte Black paint job with decals finished in Gold. The pinstripes on the motorcycle are hand finished. Even the wheels get a Gold outline.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin Gold Line

Triumph will produce only 1,000 units of the Street Twin Gold Line and each of them will come with a certificate to prove that it is authentic, which simply means that this will be a rare motorcycle.

It is based on the 2022 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin and comes with the same updates. The standard Street Twin has been priced at $9,400 (Around Rs 6.84 lakh). Prices for the Street Twin Gold Line haven’t been announced yet.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100

The Bonneville T100 gets a more comprehensive update when compared to the Street Twin. In terms of design, there aren’t many differences. However, the styling has been changed a bit. A few Chrome and Silver elements have been turned into Black. The engine covers, cam cover, and sprocket covers are all Black now.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100

The 2022 Bonneville T100 features a redesigned instrument cluster and ABS and switchable traction control come as standard equipment. The motorcycle is powered by the same 900cc High-Torque engine as the current model. However, power output has increased.

In the 2022 model, it puts out 64bhp at 7,400rpm while the peak torque remains unchanged at 80Nm. The rev-limit has been increased by 500rpm and the engine gets revised internals as well. Triumph has employed a lightweight crankshaft, lightweight clutch and balance shafts, magnesium cam covers, revised cam profiles, and ports.

All of the above should result in a more responsive engine, thereby elevating the riding experience. The cycle parts too get upgrades. It gets a big upgrade in terms of the braking prowess in the form of new brake calipers from Brembo. Suspension upgrades come in the form of a 41mm cartridge fork up front. It comes with a price tag of $10,500 (Rs 7.64 lakh).

2022 Triumph Bonneville T120

2022 Triumph Bonneville T120

The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 is very similar to the current model especially in terms of design and styling. Triumph hasn’t fiddled much with the styling aspect of the motorcycle, choosing to stick with the classic design. It still gets lots of Chrome and Silver elements and the iconic and instantly recognisable design.

The styling updates come in the form of really minute details. It comes with 3D tank badges finished in Chrome, redesigned instrumentation, contrast seat beading, machined engine fins, etc. The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 is powered by the same air and oil-cooled, 1,200cc, parallel-twin engine with a maximum power output of 79bhp and peak torque output of 104.4Nm.

Though it seems like the same old engine thanks to the figures, it actually is very different on the inside. Triumph has used a lightweight crankshaft, lightweight engine balancer shafts, and lightweight clutch as well. This makes the engine feel more responsive and powerful. The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 rides on lightweight aluminium wheels.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T120

It gets new brakes in the form of twin 310mm discs and two-piston axially mounted calipers up front and a single-piston floating caliper and single 255mm disc at the back, all from Brembo. Suspension upgrades come in the form of a new telescopic fork up front. Cruise control now comes as a standard feature and the riding modes have also been tweaked. Traction control is now switchable.

Triumph has also introduced the 2022 T120 Black. It is based on the standard 2022 T120, hence it gets the weight reduction, powerful brakes and updated electronics as well. The biggest differentiator here is the colour mentioned in the name — Black.

The only Chrome/Silver bits on this motorcycle are the disc brakes, the throttle body, throttle body covers, rear shocks and the Triumph badging. Everything else has been finished in Black.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is one of the best-looking British motorcycles out there. It carries the design and styling elements forward from the current Bonneville Bobber. Most of the motorcycle is Blacked out and the engine covers, cam covers, etc feature a Black powder coat. The traditional slashed exhaust design has also been retained and so has the hardtail design.

It rides low and features a forward-set riding position. The 2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber is powered by the same air and oil-cooled, 1,200cc, parallel-twin engine with a maximum power output of 77bhp and a peak torque output of 106Nm. This engine too has received the lightweight treatment.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber features an LED headlamp with LED DRLs, switchable traction control, ABS, and Cruise Control as standard equipment. Suspension upgrades come in the form of a top-spec 47mm fork from Showa. It also gets the same Brembo brake upgrades as the 2022 Bonneville T120.

2022 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

2022 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

The Speedmaster is the only proper old-school cruiser in the Triumph Bonneville range. It has a laid-back riding position, comfortable seats, and lots of power and torque on tap. The 2022 model gets several updates. It remains the same in terms of design and styling. 

However, it gets lighter engine internals, like the other 1,200cc models in the 2022 lineup. It also features LED lighting, cruise control, ABS, switchable traction control, etc. The engine output remains the same at 78bhp and 106Nm. It also gets the more powerful brakes from Brembo and the bigger 47mm fork from Showa. These motorcycles are all expected to be launched in India later this year. 

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