TVS Motor Company has launched a new app to allow for an enhanced online buying experience. The TVS ARIVE app has been launched to help customers take a detailed look at TVS’ two-wheelers before purchasing them, all without having to step into a dealership. TVS ARIVE also allows one to schedule test rides, and even book a vehicle.


The arrival of the pandemic shut down most industries across the world and sales of the two-wheeler industry too went crashing down. For a couple of months, there were absolutely no sales. Once the lockdown restrictions were eased, things started picking up slowly.

However, there are many buyers who are still sceptical about stepping out of the confines of their respective homes for non-essential activities. In order to help these buyers out, most automotive manufacturers revamped their respective websites to allow a more detailed view of their vehicles. Furthermore, the option to book a vehicle was also added to the website.

Now TVS Motor Company has gone one step ahead and launched an app based on augmented reality (AR) to give buyers an advanced experience of its two-wheelers. It is called TVS ARIVE and is available for Android and iOS devices as well. The app features three options — Place To Explore, Scan A Real Bike and 3D Mode.


Under the Place To Explore option, the app allows users to explore a TVS motorcycle or scooter in 360-degree AR with Zoom-In and Zoom-Out functions. Scan A Real Bike on the other hand allows the user to scan a motorcycle or scooter through pre-loaded X-ray vision imagery.

The 3D mode on the other hand has been made available for those smartphones that are not compatible with AR technology. Other than viewing product details and specifications, the app also includes options to schedule a test ride, and locate nearby TVS dealerships.

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