Suzuki has been working on a brand-new electric scooter. What makes this more interesting is that it is designed with the Indian market in mind. Instead of opting for a premium electric scooter, Suzuki has gone for a more economical approach, offering a low-cost mainstream solution.

Suzuki Electric Scooter

Suzuki has filed patents for the upcoming electric scooter. Going by the patent sketches filed, the scooter isn’t going to be loaded with features. In-fact, this is as basic as it gets. It shows the bare bones of the frame, which in itself is quite simple with rounded and squared tubing section. The Suzuki electric scooter uses a simple mechanical setup too.

Under the seat is the battery stored in a box and underneath that is the electric motor driving the rear wheel via a belt drive system. It uses a basic telescopic fork up front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. This is the basic framework and the bodywork will be added onto it.

However, going by the mechanical layout, it is clear that Suzuki wanted it to cost a lot lower than all competitors. The electric scooter market in India already has a lot of products. Hero electric and a few other small brands have low-cost scooters at the lower end of the spectrum.

Suzuki Electric Scooter

Scooters like the Ather Energy 450, TVS Qube and Bajaj Chetak Electric all sit at the premium-end of the market. Suzuki will be the first major manufacturer to target the low-cost electric scooter segment, maybe to drive sales volumes. We might see a premium scooter from Suzuki at a later stage.

It is nos secret that the future of the automobile is electric and big brands are well aware of it too. Now, Suzuki has come up with their electric scooter and we sure hope other brands follow suit.


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