The Royal Enfield KX Bobber has been spotted testing. Spy images of the motorcycle being tested on Indian roads for the very first time have now surfaced, giving rise to speculation that it might be launched in 2021. When launched, it is likely to become the flagship motorcycle in Royal Enfield’s lineup.

Royal Enfield KX Bobber Spy Images

The Royal Enfield KX Concept was first revealed at the 2018 EICMA motorcycle show. The concept motorcycle had a large 834cc engine and a gorgeous design that wowed many. However, Royal Enfield revealed that it had no plans to put it into production immediately, but it could be considered in the future.

Well, it certainly looks like the future they were talking about, is here. The motorcycle has been spotted while undergoing camouflaged testing for the very first time. This simply means that the development of the motorcycle is almost complete, and it is now being fine-tuned through real-world testing.

This fine-tuning might take a few months, and then we might see it being launched sometime in 2021. In terms of design, the spy shot reveals that Royal Enfield’s designers have made the motorcycle look very similar to the concept. It has the same flowing and curvaceous lines, and the same low stance.

Royal Enfield KX Bobber Spy Images

It also features the circular headlamp, large teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and minimalistic rear-end. This way, the motorcycle has retained the same premium feel as the concept. The major difference between the concept and this test mule is in the engine department.

The concept showcased in 2018 was powered by an 834cc V-twin engine. This one powering the concept on the other hand is touted to be the 650cc parallel-twin unit currently powering the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

It might or might not produce more power and torque in the KX. But it will certainly run a different state of tune more suitable for cruising out on the open road. The 650cc platform has proven to be most useful for Royal Enfield, and its usefulness certainly doesn’t end with the Interceptor and Continental GT.

Royal Enfield KX Bobber Spy Images

At the moment, there are no other details regarding the upcoming cruiser from Royal Enfield. However, the future certainly looks bright for the brand. Royal Enfield will launch the Meteor 350 soon, and then hopefully the KX will come next year. This motorcycle will surely be exported to international markets too.

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