Royal Enfield’s upcoming electric motorcycle that we have been hearing rumours about, has now been confirmed. Vinod Dasari, the CEO of Royal Enfield has just confirmed that the company is indeed working on an electric motorcycle. However, it is still unclear which segment of motorcycles it will slot in.

Electric Bullet Photon Images & Details

It is a well-known fact that the future is electric and all manufacturers would have to make a slow move towards manufacturing electric vehicles in order to survive. There is an electric revolution of sorts happening all across the world. We have seen a steady increase in the number of electric vehicle manufacturing start-ups in the last few years.

While these startups battle it out in their respective segments, large mainstream manufacturers have realised it’s time for them to make the switch to electric too. Nearly all mainstream motorcycle manufacturers have been developing their own electric motorcycles.

Royal Enfield too was rumoured to be developing its own electric model, and this has now been confirmed. Royal Enfield’s CEO Vinod Dasari was quoted by Moneycontrol as saying, “Electric is something we have been thinking about for quite some time. We are trying to figure out exactly which segment is the right segment for us. Electric is something we take very seriously.”

Electric Bullet Photon Images & Details

While this has confirmed that we will see an electric Royal Enfield motorcycle, it does not confirm the segment it will be targeting. Whether it will hit the same mainstream segment as the Royal Enfield Classic 350 or the more premium segment of the Interceptor and Continental GT 650, is anyone’s guess at the moment.

While the mainstream segment might bring in sales volumes, the premium segment might allow Royal Enfield to export its electric motorcycle to international markets. For all we know, Royal Enfield might make multiple electric models for multiple segments. However, it is uncertain at the moment as no other details are available right now.

The electric motorcycle from Royal Enfield will go against the electric Yezdi or Jawa which is also currently under development. Things slowly but surely are heating up in the electric vehicle segment. Stay tuned for more information in this regard.

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