The Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 350 has been discontinued. Royal Enfield seems to have decided that the discontinuation of the model is a better option than spending time and resources on making it BS-VI compliant.

Royal Enfield Trials 350 review
Royal Enfield Trials 350 review

The dismal sales numbers of the Bullet Trials 350 might have prompted Royal Enfield to take this decision. The Bullet Trials 350 is a fairly new model in Royal Enfield’s product line-up. It was launched just over nine months ago and targeted at a niche audience.

It was basically the off-road version of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350, made as a tribute to the Royal Enfield trials motorcycles of olden days. Motorcycle Trials is an extreme off-road sport that requires motorcycles to be ridden at really low speeds over large obstacles like rocks, boulders, etc.

Today, one can buy a lightweight, low-geared trials motorcycle off-the-shelf. Back in the 1930s and 40s though, those interested in motorcycle trials had to use an existing motorcycle and modify it for the purpose. This is a motorsport category that Royal Enfield dominated for a few years.

Hence, in 2019, Royal Enfield launched the Bullet Trials 350 as a throwback. It featured the same headlamp, fuel tank, chassis and engine as the Bullet 350. However, it came with a new handlebar, contrast frame painted in red, a luggage carrier instead of  the pillion seat, an upswept exhaust, dual-purpose tyres, etc.

But it somehow failed to catch up with its target audience, and the motorcycle barely managed to sell a few numbers. Now, just before we head into the BS-VI era, Royal Enfield has discontinued the model. It no longer appears on Royal Enfield’s website. With this move, Royal Enfield has moved completely to BS-VI compliant motorcycles, as BS-IV stock has been cleared out.


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