An image of the QJ SRV500 has been leaked. The QJ SRV500 previews the next-gen Benelli 502C, and is therefore an important model. The new Benelli 502C will be a rebadged version of this very motorcycle with a few additional features as well.

QJ SRV 500

Benelli is on a roll these days with several new product launches planned in the upcoming days. The Italian brand has planned a product offensive with new products as well as updates to existing products. This is backed up by its parent company QIanjiang and its own rebranded versions of the same motorcycles.

Benelli is owned by Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Qianjiang and this simply means that Qianjiang has access to Benelli and its motorcycles. Qianjiang therefore launched its own brand named QJ Motor. Under this brand, the company will sell rebranded Benelli bikes. Over the last few months, quite a few of these motorcycles have been spotted time and again.

Every single one of the QJ bikes is based on a Benelli motorcycle but costs lower thanks to the lower number of features. The latest QJ motorcycle to be leaked is the SRV500, which is based on the next-gen Benelli 502C. It has a stance that is very similar to that of the Benelli 502C. However, the Ducati Diavel design influence is quite obvious.

Benelli 502 C India
Benelli 502 C India


The seat and rear-end looks dangerously similar to the big Ducati. Specifications of the motorcycle filed with Chinese authorities show that the motorcycle rides on an 18-inch wheel up front and a 17-inch wheel at the rear. The Benelli 502 on the other hand rides on 17-inch wheels at both ends.

In terms of suspension, while the Benelli gets an upside-down fork up front, the QJ SRV500 makes do with conventional telescopic forks. Braking duties are handled by twin-discs up front in the Benelli while the QJ SRV500 makes do with just one.

The GJ SRV500 is powered by the same liquid-cooled, 500cc, 47bhp, parallel-twin engine as the Benelli 502. The QJ SRV500 looks ready to hit the production line. In the Indian market though, we would not be receiving this motorcycle.

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