The Intermot 2020 motorcycle show has been canceled owing to the crisis brought in by the ongoing pandemic. Intermot 2020 is the latest motoring event to fall prey to the virus and its effects. The event was supposed to take place between 6-11 October this year but has now been canceled.

Ducati Scrambler unveiling Intermot 2014
Ducati Scrambler unveiling Intermot 2014

Intermot is one of the largest motorcycle shows in the world. All motorcycle manufacturers take Intermot very seriously as it is the go-to motorcycle show for new launches and for the showcase of new products.

All major manufacturers make their presence felt at Intermot and usually, the next year’s motorcycle launches and reveals are usually dictated by what’s showcased or promised at Intermot. This year though, it has officially been confirmed that Intermot 2020 will not be taking place.

This is because the organisers did not see a safe way to carry on with the show without compromising on safety. Several countries around the world are still suffering from the global pandemic.

In some countries, even though the lockdown and restrictions have been eased, social distancing norms are being followed in order to stop the spread of the virus. Intermot takes place in Germany, where there are social distancing norms to be followed.

The organisers of Intermot felt that it wouldn’t be possible to adhere to these norms. The atmosphere at Intermot allows visitors to touch the motorcycles and experience them by sitting on it.

There are also interactive displays at some stalls like simulators, virtual reality exhibits, etc. Hence, organisers are fearful that a second wave might erupt in Germany because thousands of visitors go to Intermot. Hence, Intermot 2020 has been canceled.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 at EICMA 2019
Ducati Streetfighter V4 at EICMA 2019

Oliver Frese, Chief Operating Officer of Kölnmeße – the exhibition centre where Intermot is held – was quoted as saying, “An event that depends on its appeal as an experience and event cannot be held in this form at this point in time and thus does not meet the expectations and needs of the industry.” He stressed on Intermot being back in 2022, stronger than ever before.

This leaves EICMA as the only major motorcycle show in the world still on schedule to take place in Italy this November. Will it go on unaffected by the current state of crisis around the world?  Only time can tell.


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