Honda Motorcycle has been hit by a cyber attack. The computer virus affected the brand’s global operations including the production plant in Japan. The virus has reportedly impacted its entire network and has blocked access to its servers as well.

Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin
Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin

In an age where anything and everything is dependent on the internet and computers and servers, almost everything is at a security risk. Cybersecurity infrastructure matters a lot these days and the functioning of a company depends heavily on its cybersecurity. Websites, servers, and even vehicles can be hacked.

Hackers do this sometimes to extort money and sometimes just for fun. Either way, hacking is illegal. Honda has fallen prey to one such hack. It is suspected to be a ransomware virus that gives the hackers access to encrypted data and locks out Honda from its own IT systems.

Honda’s IT departments have since then worked on the hack and managed to bring the systems back online. According to Honda, no data was breached and the hack has made minimal business impact. Shutting down of production activities would have inflicted losses, but it seems to have been capped at just that.


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