Honda seems to be working on mind-reading technology. The system makes use of brain-wave reading electrodes that translate the rider’s intention into signals that are then sent to the motorcycle’s electronics. The motorcycle is then able to perform what the rider needs or at the very least, assist the rider in performing the intended action.

Honda Brain-Machine Interface

For a long time now, engineers and scientists have been working on the development of brain-machine interfaces. Researchers have found several areas in which brain-computer/brain-machine interfaces can be implemented. Some have even suggested applying the same into cars and trucks for specific actions such as when the driver intends to overtake, the vehicle already slots into the right gear.

When it comes to motorcycles though, this might be the first real attempt at involving brain-machine interface. This isn’t just a study that Honda is conducting, but is a proper patent filed by the Japanese auto giant which suggests that Honda has already done the research framework and might now be set to develop it further.

The patent images include a motorcycle silhouette that looks very similar to the new Honda CBR600RR. This shows that the technology wouldn’t be limited to giant tourers like the Gold Wing. It involves brain-wave reading electrodes mounted in a helmet. 

2021 Honda CBR600RR

These electrodes as their name suggest, read brain waves and then send them to a computer which then translates the waves into signals that tell the bike what the rider intends to do. Most premium bikes today are already equipped with a 6-axis IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit), wheelie control, traction control, launch control, rear-wheel lift mitigation, ABS, etc.

Honda’s patent adds a steering angle sensor and an actuator, suggesting that even the steering of the motorcycle can be controlled via what the rider thinks. Specific details about the system are unavailable at the moment, but we do find several uses for this new technology in the motorcycling world. This would take safety to the next level.

In an emergency scenario where the rider sees an imminent crash, the electrodes can detect the brain waves and actuate evasive measures immediately. In case the rider enters a corner too fast, the motorcycle can sense it and use the various sensors to get the bike under control quickly.

Honda Brain-Machine Interface

If the rider wants to make an overtake either on the track or out on the road, the motorcycle can help with the maneuver. Well, as mentioned earlier, Honda has already filed patents for it and is therefore likely to develop it more as time goes by.

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