A fire broke out at the Catalunya circuit’s pit garage over the last weekend, and a video of the same has gone viral online. The fire engulfed a BMW S1000 RR and spread to a Yamaha YZF-R1 parked near it. Both motorcycles have been damaged in the incident. Thankfully though, no one was injured in the incident.


Circuit De Barcelona Catalunya, in Spain is one of the well-known racetracks in the world. It is most famously known for hosting the pre-season testing for MotoGP teams ahead of every racing calendar and also for the Catalan GP. However, the circuit also hosts a few other regional races as well as many track days around the year.

We motorcyclists do love our track days, and there’s little else that lets us have as much fun as a day on the track does. However, a track day really isn’t a proper track day if there aren’t any mishaps. A track day typically encourages riders to push his/her limits on the track and this sometimes ends up in a crash.

In the pit lane and pit garage though, discipline is to be maintained and hence incidents are not so common. This time though, the story is different. The fire in the pit garage reportedly started when a BMW S1000 RR’s fuel tank was being removed. The fuel tank was first drained and then removed.


Despite this, the petrol vapours seem to have started the fire. Fuel in gaseous form is more inflammable than in liquid form. In this case, a small spark or even friction caused while removing the tank could have caused the fire. Thankfully it didn’t injure anybody in the process.

However, the flames spread to a Yamaha YZF-R1 parked next to the BMW and damaged both bikes severely. By the looks of it, these motorcycles might not make it to another track day anytime soon. Officials claim that the fire didn’t affect the structure of the pit garage.

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