The 2020 BS6 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS has just been teased. Mahindra has released a poster teasing the upcoming Mojo 300 ABS BS-VI. This comes just a week after the motorcycle was spotted testing. It seems we are now closer to the launch of the new Mojo than ever before.

Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS BS6 Teaser

The Mahindra Mojo might not have been a stellar performer in terms of sales. But those who rode the motorcycle simply know how underrated it is. It was made from high-quality materials, needed minimal maintenance and was a masterpiece out on the highway and on long twisty rides.

It soon grew a cult following as those who bought the motorcycle absolutely loved it. Hence, Mahindra kept it in production despite the competition outselling the motorcycle by many times. The brand tried to increase sales by launching an entry-level version of the bike, however, it simply didn’t help.

Mahindra then discontinued both variants of the bike and launched the Mojo 300 ABS in 2019. This motorcycle too was discontinued in April 2020 when BS-VI emissions norms were implemented in the country. Mahindra has been developing a cleaner and greener version of the Mojo and it was in the last week that the bike was spotted testing.

Mojo 300 ABS HD wallpapers
Mojo 300 ABS HD wallpapers

Now, a teaser has come out with the #NewGemsInYourCrown hashtag, signaling a new motorcycle. However, going by the outline of the bike on the same poster, we can say it has the same design as the old model. There might be a few new subtle changes in styling and may even come with new colour options.

There are no concrete details about the engine and its output. It will use the same liquid-cooled, 294.72cc engine as the old BS4 model, but we’re not so sure about the 26.29bhp and 28Nm output figures. It might drop slightly to allow for compatibility with the new emissions norms.

The BS6 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS is also expected to cost more, therefore putting it in the same price bracket as the Bajaj Dominar which is also its closest rival.

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