The 2021 Honda CBR650R and CB650R have been revealed. The 2021 edition of the two motorcycles have been revealed in the European market and is expected to be launched soon. These motorcycles are expected to be launched in the Indian market soon after.

2021 Honda CB650R
2021 HONDA CB650R

2021 Honda CB650R

The Honda CB650R is Honda’s answer to its competition in the 600cc naked motorcycle segment. It was launched in 2019, targeted at the Kawasaki Z650. The Honda CB650R was based on the same architecture as the CBR650R and this was good news because the CBR650R is known as one of the best motorcycles in the segment.

A year later, Honda has now revealed the 2021 model. The new updated motorcycle looks almost exactly like the outgoing model, but this one is all about the little details. Right up-front is the circular LED headlamp and above it is the same LCD screen for instrumentation. However, the angle of the diodes in the display as well as the font have been changed to allow for better readability.

It retains the long fuel tank, but comes with redesigned tank extensions. It still comes with the lovely underbelly exhaust system which can be considered as a piece of art in itself thanks to the way the downpipes are positioned. The 2021 Honda CB650R comes with a redesigned rear fender and number plate mount as well. The repositioned handlebar is expected to make riding the motorcycle a better experience than it already was.

2021 Honda CBR650R
2021 HONDA CBR650R

2021 Honda CBR650R

The Honda CBR650R is considered by most motorcyclists to be one of the best motorcycles in the market. It was launched as a successor to the Honda CBR650F. It was sportier and looked and rode much better than its predecessor. Now, Honda has revealed the 2021 model, once again with subtle changes in terms of aesthetics. The 2021 Honda CBR650R looks just like the current model at first glance. 

However, the changes are minute. For instance, the internals of the LED headlamp have been redesigned for better reflection characteristics. The LCD screen has been tweaked for better readability and the handlebar has been repositioned for better handling. The fairing and the rear fender have also been redesigned slightly. 

Both the Honda CBR650R as well as the CB650R are powered by the same four-cylinder engine. The liquid-cooled, 649cc motor has been tweaked to make both motorcycles Euro 5 and BS6 emissions norms compliant.

2021 Honda CBR650R
2021 HONDA CBR650R

Changes have been made to the ECU mapping, intake timing, camshaft lobes, exhaust pipes, catalyser, etc, to make it more environment friendly. Thankfully though, power output figures haven’t changed much and the engine puts out 96bhp and 63Nm.

Yet another major update comes in the form of the Showa Big Piston Separate Function Forks up-front. This should improve handling by a huge margin. At the rear is a monoshock with 7 preload settings.

Braking is handled by twin 310mm disc brakes up-front and a 240mm disc at the rear. Both motorcycles now come with a USB charging point for mobile phones under the seat. We expect the 2021 CBR650R to be launched in India soon. As for the CB650R, we would have to wait and see if Honda decides to launch it in India.

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