Today at the Malaysian Grand Prix the world has lost a talented young rider, Italian Marco Simoncelli, he passed away after succumbing to his injuries sustained in a horrible accident that happened in the second round of the race.

A charismatic MotoGP rider, who was just 24 years old, was trying to to keep his motorcycle steady after a faulty line while exciting a right hand curve. The tires could not withstand the extra lean and Simoncelli, together with his bike low sided onto the tarmac and continued to slide towards the central part of the track. At this point he came in contact with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi at a very high speed, they tried to avoid an accident but it was inevitable.

The mere force of impact visible on the video was enough to show the severity of injuries that he must have sustained. His helmet literally flew from his head, and injured Marco remained lying motionless in the middle of the track. The race was immediately stopped, and the other riders returned to the pit lane while Colin Edwards went to the doctor because of a dislocated shoulder.

Marco Simoncelli was immediately transferred to a medical center and the doctors provided him CPR for 45 minutes and fought hard for his life. “Super Sic” entered MotoGP in 2002 and rode his first race in the 125GP class. His first time podium was in the same class in 2004 and immediately took home eight more wins. Two years later, Marco Simoncelli moved to the 250 class where he was a twelve time winner.

With his infectious smile and the distinctive hairstyle he is one personality that you could never miss, rest in peace Marco.


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