The Yamaha FZ25 surely was a well kept secret by Yamaha. Up until they started sharing teaser images no one really knew that the Japanese manufacturer was working on such a machine. Yamaha say that the FZ25 has been designed for India keeping in mind the young price conscious buyer. But the bike itself has been almost completely developed in Japan keeping the Indian buyer in mind.


The Yamaha FZ25 has been designed to be a powerful, comfortable and refined motorcycle that carriers forward all the Yamaha DNA proudly. So, why do we say its powerful, even though the specs say otherwise?

The answer to this question lies in the fact of what Yamaha has done with the engine and gearing of the FZ25. This new machine produces 20.6 HP at 8000 RPM and 20 Nm at 6000 RPM. The number you should note over here is the peak torque and the RPM at which it kicks in. With all the torque available from as low as 6000 RPM, the Yamaha FZ25 is a blast to ride with a very punchy initial and mid-range.

This also enables the FZ25 to clock a sub 9 second 0 to 100 timing. The engine even though being a 2 valve setup, surprisingly revs quickly without any drama, this is thanks to the excellent fuelling, the forged aluminium piston, the nickel phosphorus-plated cylinder walls and the thin low-friction piston rings. But with the peak performance coming in early, there is a stressed feeling in higher RPMs with a fine vibe creeping in post 7500 rpms.

Comfortable highway cruising speeds are at 100-110 and it will easily pull to 130; the top speed we saw on the speedo was a 141.

The 5 speed gear box surely seems like a let-down but during the ride not once did we search or feel the need for it.

Yamaha claim that the FZ25 will return a mileage of 43 km to the litre. But by our estimate that number hovers around 35 in real world conditions.

The Yamaha FZ25 has a kerb weight of 148 kgs. This does make it quite a light motorcycle to lug around town. They have also ensured a small turning radius for it to be comfortable zipping through city traffic.

Throw in a corner into this equation and the FZ25 responds in true Yamaha style. The handling is light and easy and you can push this motorcycle hard all day long and comeback without breaking a sweat. The diamond chassis does not disappoint and couple that with suspensions that are a good trade off between stiff and hard, this motorcycle will make you feel confident in any condition.

The stock MRF’s also seem to do their job well, although we surely need more time and varied terrain to really give them a rating. But on a hot humid day in Goa, these tyres were super sticky and held on regardless of what we did.

The seats are comfortable for both the rider and pillion. The rider triangle is not exactly aggressive but a good trade off keeping you one with the machine. But there are a few let downs on the new FZ25.

The LCD display atleast for us seemed quite small and we really would have loved to see a gear indicator on it.

Next comes the headlights, the three LED setup surely is not enough to light up the road ahead and being pretty much a single unit, it cannot be tinkered with much as well. Another interesting fact that the guys at Yamaha shared with us is that the plastics on the FZ25 are thinner than what we are used to from Yamaha, to shave off weight. But they did assure that strength has not taken a beating.

A lot of factors like the lack of a four valve setup and of course average power can be explained by the fact that the motorcycle was essentially developed keeping a strong watch on the pricing, but the lack ABS, even as an option, is this day and age is surely surprising. But on the other hand the braking is excellent at both ends. The front is sharp and progressive and you always are confident and know what the front tyre is doing. The rear though lacking a bit in the feel department works well with front for most braking needs.

So, is the Yamaha FZ25 a motorcycle you should consider?

Well, essentially this is the most affordable and comfortable 250 in India. It may not be brash, loud and brisk like it competitors, but it has class and comfort given top priority. Let’s put it this way, regardless of the kind of rider you are this quarter little Yamaha will find a way to keep you satisfied. It is best at keeping things exciting in-city and on the occasional highway runs but it is also an all-rounder that can handle your varied needs and do it in style.

Yamaha FZ25 price

The Yamaha FZ25 has been priced at quite a steal deal of 1.19 lakh ex-showroom. This translates to about 1.4 lakh on road.

Yamaha FZ25 colour options

The new Yamaha FZ25 will be available in three colour options namely – Knight Black, Ballistic Blue and Warrior White.

Yamaha FZ25 specifications

  • Engine – 249cc – fuel injected
  • Power – 20.6 HP @ 8000 RPM
  • Torque – 20 Nm @ 6000 RPM
  • Weight – 148 kg kerb
  • Mileage – 35 km/l
  • Top speed – 140 km/h
  • Front disc – 282 mm with Bybre calliper
  • Rear disc – 220 mm with Nissin calliper
  • Fuel tank capacity – 14 litres
  • Headlights – all LED
  • Ground clearance – 160 mm
  • Seat height – 795 mm
  • 5 speed gear-box
  • All LCD instrument console

Yamaha FZ25 image gallery


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