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If you’re a biker or a bike enthusiast, you would definitely have heard of the TVS Akula 310 by now. This bike, which is still in its concept phase, was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 and it was the one which gathered the largest crowd in the TVS pavilion. The TVS Akula 310 was also said to be the best concept motorcycle of the Auto Expo 2016.

Now, TVS has released a video celebrating 33 years ofTVS Racing and the video is all about the TVS Akula 310. We always liked the TVS Apache RTR series of motorcycles but they seemed to be a bit underpowered. TVS have always had the potential to do something out-of-the-box and we’re extremely happy that eventually TVS has used its experience in racing and otherwise to come up with a product which blew everyones mind off!

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The TVS Akula 310 is ridiculously beautiful. Akula stands for Shark in Russian and it represents the bike perfectly. TVS Akula 310 has got a sharp design with a lot of carbon fibre wrapped around. We really like how TVS has gone a step ahead to lose all the unnecessary weight. The company has also integrated many new lightweight aluminium components to make the TVS Akula 310 a perfect racing machine.

Everything on the TVS Akula 310 is meant to help the bike perform outstandingly well on race tracks. The lightweight race exhaust, race developed USD front forks, mono suspension at the rear, an aluminium Trellis subframe and whatnot. Powering the TVS Akula 310 would be a liquid cooled, single cylinder engine which would displace 310cc and would churn out a max power of 34 BHP and the peak torque would be around 21 Nm.

Like we said earlier, TVS has got immense potential which can be seen in its race developed machines which are used in TVS Racing. Even the Apache RTR was inspired by those race machines. The TVS Akula 310 is something really serious from TVS which has been designed just to do one thing and one thing only, to win on track. We hope that the TVS Akula 310 is just the beginning for the company towards a perfect race machine. Can’t wait to swing a leg over the Akula!


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