BMW G310R, the first yield of the TVSBMW association is about to see the light of day very soon. The motorcycle will be the first sub 500 cc motorcycle for BMW and they are certainly betting big on this machine to build a base for them in developing markets. During the recent annual shareholder meeting, BMW CEO announced the launch of their ‘first sub 500 cc motorcycle’ later this year which also confirms the news that BMW G310R is coming soon to India. For those of you who do not know, the G301R is made right here in India at the TVS factory.


Even before the BMW G310R goes on sale, the brand is doing the groundwork to make sure people know about the product before it is launched. That is why they have introduced a promotional video of the upcoming BMW310R and as far as two wheeler promo videos go, this one plays a different card. Unlike most of the other motorcycle commercials, it doesn’t market the BMW G310R directly. Instead, it tries to highlight the lifestyle you can adopt by being a motorcyclist and how it can easily blend into your lifestyle.

While it looks a little commonplace to anyone who is already an avid biker, they aren’t the prime targets here. They are trying to strike the emotional chords here to promote the BMW G310R and they seem to have managed that, quite well. For many markets, this will be an entry level machine and could very well be the first motorcycle for many. BMW is trying to attract those potential buyers by bringing in the character of an urban biker. To further strengthen the message, they have tried to integrate the riding lifestyle with other urban sports in this promotional video.

The BMW G310R is clearly a step in an entirely new direction for the brand and from the looks of it, they don’t plan to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that it is a successful one.

BMW G310R wallpaper
BMW G310R wallpaper


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