2016 Yamaha XSR700At the Yamaha Sports Heritage division, they have this philosophy called ‘Faster Sons’, essentially meaning that the next generation has to be faster and better. All this while maintaining the style, character and rideability and not compromising on technology. Having found similar values in Los Angeles based Japanese bike builder Shinya Kimura, the end result is a production build that embodies the words ‘Faster Sons’ in every way. The Yamaha XSR700 will join the already excotic and beautiful list of Yamaha’s sports heritage range. The Yamaha XSR700 also pays tribute to the iconic Yamaha XS650, a motorcycle that was introduced in the late 60’s and was the market leader in terms of technology on a production motorcycle.

The Yamaha XSR700 has the latest when it comes to the technology used. The 700cc twin uses a crossplane crankshaft with uneven firing to even out the power and torque curve. The motorcycle weighs 186 kgs and comes with a link-type monocross suspension with the shock absorber mounted directly onto the engine case. This move has increased the mass centralisation and in turn complements the Yamaha XSR700 with greater agility. This has also freed up space at the rear, giving the motorcycle a clean look. Like we said before, the focus has been to maintain the retro look. The round headlights, the classic riding position, the strong beefy looks and the two available colour options of Garage Metal and Forest Green, drive in this message clearly. The Yamaha XSR700 will also come with its own unique range of the accessories to take the customisation and retro looks even further. The motorcycle will be available at dealerships across the U.S. from November 2015.

Highlights the Yamaha XSR700

  • Two-texture leather seat
  • Aluminium retro fuel tank
  • Aluminium fender
  • Aluminium headlight bracket
  • Wide tapered back handlebars
  • Mesh side panels
  • Stubby rear muffler
  • Embroidered seat logo
  • Wide range of customisation accessories
  • Compact, lightweight chassis
  • Short 530 mm swing-arm
  • Easily customisable, bolt-on rear sub-frame
  • Rear Monocross horizontal shock system
  • Standard with ABS
  • 700cc inline 2-cylinder engine
  • Crossplane engine design philosophy
  • Deep linear torque
  • 270-degree crank for strong acceleration and traction
  • Smooth, exciting power delivery to high RPM


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