Yamaha MT-25
Yamaha MT-25

While we in India wait for any sign of a Yamaha quarter litre, Yamaha are busy introducing model after model in the Indonesian market. It was not long ago that the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer launched the R25 there and now we have photographs of the production ready MT-25. The Yamaha MT-25 had earlier been spotted and that time we really did not have a clear image. This time the images are clear and we get a good and pretty much conclusive idea on what to expect. Basically a stripped down version of the R25, the Yamaha MT-25 takes its design inspiration from the bigger MT’s in the Yamaha stable, although it loose’s out a lot on the aggression front. The engine is the same, but there is a chance that the Yamaha MT-25 might get a revised gearing to concentrate more on bottom end and mid rage rather than the top end power delivery of the R25. Currently the R25 puts out 36 PS at a very high 12,000 RPM and a torque of 22.6 Nm at 10,000 RPM. These numbers not exactly friendly to a naked street bike. Without the fairing the MT-25 is expected to weigh about 152 kgs. Details observable from the photos we have here, include the same diamond frame from the R25, same exhaust, single disc with no ABS, same twin cylinder 249cc engine, rather small headlight housing and big radiator. Tyres look to be 140 sections at the rear and 120 sections up front.

Again there has been no official word from Yamaha regarding the R25 or the MT-25 in India. Unofficially though there is news reaching us that June/ July is when you can realistically expect the R25. In fact our sources say that we can expect the bigger R3 here. But with the Indonesian market having the R25 and also because the engine being a twin cylinder, chances of us getting the R3 are very slim. MT-25 will be much further away. Now with the engine being a parallel twin cylinder expect the prices of the R25 and MT-25 to be above the 2.5 lakh mark even in their ex-showroom form. The R25 for sure will breach the 3 lakh mark on road price even if made in India. More Yamaha MT-25 images below.


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