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The Yamaha MT-25 launch in Indonesia has been “the” news for the past couple of months with the bike being spotted couple of times in its almost final production form. And as expected Yamaha Indonesia have released an official teaser pretty much confirming that the Yamaha MT-25 launch is on the 6th of June. The video almost throughout shows the MT-125, except at 00:34 where it seems to look like the engine has two exhaust outlets similar to the twin cylinder on the R25. But again its highly unlikely since we already know that the MT-25 is basically going to be a stripped down version of the R25. That means no USD forks at front and styling is going to be mass market and less complicated than that on the MT-125. And again since we already have the near production ready model in photographs, we have a good idea what to expect.

Like we said earlier, the Yamaha MT-25 will be a stripped down version of the popular R25. The same twin cylinder 249cc engine will be carried forward. But is expected to have a different gearing to better distribute the power range as it is a naked street use type of motorcycle. Otherwise with 36 Ps of power coming in at a high 12,000 RPM and 22.6 Nm of coming in at 10,000 RPM will end up being kind of a pain especially on a naked motorcycle. The R25 weighs 166 kgs and the with the fairing being shed, expect the weight to reach the 160 kg mark for the Yamaha MT-25. With the R3 being in the picture, expect the European and American markets to get the MT-03. All the while we in India are still debating which bike we will get, the R3 or the R25, the “MT” talk has not even started. Anyways, more on the Yamaha MT-25 launch on June 6th, and like always do drop back in for the latest.


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