Suzuki Lets scooter review


  • Make: Suzuki
  • Model: Lets
  • Cubic Capacity: 112.8 CC
  • Horsepower: 8.57 HP @ 7500 RPM
  • Top Speed: 90 kmph
  • Mileage: 46 kmpl
  • Delhi on-road Price: Rs. 49,954/-

Review Rating

  • Engine and Performance
  • Looks Feel and Build Quality
  • Handling and Braking
  • Key features & VFM
  • Final Verdict


  • Good mileage
  • Low kerb weight
  • Competitive pricing


  • Engine lacks pull with pillion onboard
  • Could use a disc brake in front

Suzuki Lets scooter review

Suzuki has really come strong the past year and riding on this success comes their third scooter the Lets. On paper it is targeted at anyone looking for a super light and easy to handle scooter that can be a good daily use machine. Our initial quick test ride of it proved that it could do this part quite well and we were impressed. But as with all machines it has to go through our full fledged review until we can really tell a verdict on how it is and what it is really capable off. So here it is, our detailed review of the Suzuki Lets scooter.

Engine and Performance

Suzuki Lets scooter review - engine and mileage

The first point to be noted is that the Suzuki Lets has a 112.8 cc engine and basically falls in the 110 cc category. But if you look at the power and torque figures it clearly has an edge over its competitors. The Lets scooter is smooth off the line and is most comfortable in the 45 to 60 kmph speed range. There is no noticeable CVT transmission lag that some of its competitors have. It has a smooth and constant acceleration and has the most silent engine among the scooter range. Top speed with a single rider is 90 kmph. The only grouse we had with the Lets scooter engine was that with a pillion it quickly loses its strengths. The peppy and smooth engine struggles a bit to pull if there is even a hint of an incline. We must also add that, when this did happen it was two full grown heavy test riders on the scooter, that adds up to a load of about 150 kgs easily and might not exactly be the scooters fault. But with a single rider or for that matter with two normal people of board it should be fine. The mileage was 46 kmpl after riding within the city at average speeds of about 60 kmph. Expect to see a marginal rise in that number if you mostly ride alone and sane. Overall a good little engine that is solidly built and is quite refined.

Look and Feel and Build Quality

Suzuki Lets scooter review - 360 view

The Suzuki Lets scooter has a refreshingly new design. If you look closely you could even say that the beaky front nose with black plastic curvy bits are inspired from the Suzuki big bikes. Our favourite part was the rear section and the tail light area. This section has a very distinct and sporty look from anything else that is out there. Overall the scooter has its own strong identity and easily distinguishable from the rest. Good quality plastic all around and looks to be well built. The meter console area has some carbon fibre type patterns made into the plastic, making it look unique. The meter as such is pretty basic, old school and analogue but easy to read. The highlight of the Lets scooter has to be its weight. At 98 kgs it is pretty light and feels easy to handle even at standstill, you always feel in control. The scooter design accommodates almost all heights of riders, only the really tall riders would need to sit back on the seat.
Suzuki Lets scooter all colour options

Handling and Braking

Suzuki Lets scooter review - handling and braking

Continuing from what we were saying about the feel, at 98 kgs you can pretty much expect how nimble the Lets scooter is going to be. And that is what exactly it is. Easy to ride even in the craziest of traffic and very effortless and not at all taxing on the rider. Being so light you are never tired of riding this and thanks to the telescopic forks as suspension at the front, it handles bad roads well and cushions the blow. The rear suspension as with all scooters is bouncy and with the current design trend in scooters there is very little that can be done to soften that up. The braking is done by drum brakes at both ends and for the speeds the Lets scooter can do, the drums are more than ample. But in this day and age its all about the confidence you get from the brakes and one just cannot help but wonder how much more better it would have been if there was a disc at front. The back brake lever has a brake lock clip, comes pretty handy when parking on inclined surfaces. If you are in the mood for some spirited riding, the Lets scooter does keep up with your speed and handling needs pretty well. The brakes and suspension stay under control and help you keep the rubber side down confidently.

Key features & VFM

Suzuki Lets accessories and key features

Like we have said earlier the most highlighted feature of the Lets scooter is the weight. Styling also is pretty unique and makes the scooter stand out in a crowd. Accessory wise, at an additional price you can get a charging socket fixed along with the front luggage box. Also unlike certain other manufacturers the side stand and the mirrors are part of the stock scooter. The release mechanism for the under seat lock is directly at the ignition key slot itself, making it rather easy to access it. Underseat space is good enough for an half face helmet. Coming to the value for money area, the Suzuki Lets scooter is one of the most competitively priced scooter in its segment. Service wise, except for the premium scooters all the scooters now have about the same maintenance expenses and these numbers are pretty easy on the pocket as well.

Final Verdict

Suzuki Lets review

The Suzuki Lets scooter is a fun and light scooter that looks good. Quite nimble on its feet and easy to handle and is quite frugal as well in the mileage department. It has some shortcomings of which the most noticeable is that lack of pulling power when you have a pillion. But other than that it has managed to check a lot of the right boxes and is currently one of our favourite scooters out there.


Specifications Sheet

Design 4 Stroke, Single cylinder,Air Cooled
Bore * Stroke – na –
Cubic Capacity 112.8 cc
Torque 9 Nm @ 6500 RPM
Power 8.7 HP @ 7500 RPM
Fuel delivery Carb
Starting aid Electric and Kick
Transmission Automatic – CVT
Frame Underbone
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Shock absorber Mono Suspension
Brake system Front Drum – 120 mm
Brake system Rear Drum – 120 mm
Front tyre 90/100-10-Tubeless
Rear tyre 90/100-10-Tubeless
Fuel tank capacity 5.2 L
Headlight 12V 35W/35W
Battery 12V 3 Ah
Wheelbase 1,250 mm
Seat height 765 mm
Ground clearance 160 mm
Kerb Weight 98 kg
Colour options 5 – Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Tirton Blue, Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Mira Red and Metallic Sonic Silver

Suzuki Lets scooter detailed part by part images

Test Riders

Sudeep Avin NijishAarti


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