We just did its review and like always here are the Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers. The Pulsar AS 200 is a lot of things but definitely not an “Adventure Sport”. But then why did Bajaj give it such a bold name? Well the fact is, the name in itself is actually an experiment. Bajaj are keen to know the market response to it. But why? Bajaj want to know if there is a market segment for a proper adventure machine. Being the pioneers in opening up new market segments Bajaj sure are checking out if there is a proper interest in the ADV side of things in India. There are two sides to this though. There is the obvious Bajaj KTM connection and add to that mix the rumoured KTM small size ADV bike, and then you have an idea where things are heading. The KTM small size ADV was expected to come at the EICMA 2015 but looks like we are still a bit away from its formal announcement. It will mostly take on the Duke 390 engine with a revised chassis that would be able to handle the extra stress.

Coming back to the Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers we have here. This AS 200 is surely a looker. It probably is the best looking Pulsar yet. We especially love it in the Blue and Red colour options. The way it stands tall and its prominent headlights make it look special and premium. The rev happy engine adds to the fun character of the bike and couple that with the perimeter frame that gives the Pulsar AS 200 good road manners, there are not many things that are wrong with the bike. Do check out our detailed review for a proper idea of the good, bad and ugly on the Pulsar AS 200. We leave you with the HD wallpapers. As always, the images are linked to the high res version, right click/long press to save them.

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (1)

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (2)

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (3)

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (4)

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (5)

Pulsar AS 200 HD wallpapers (6)

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