Kawasaki Ninja R2
‘Ninja R2’ name trademarked by Kawasaki

Kawasaki have trademarked the name ‘Ninja R2’ at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. What this motorcycle is going to be is anybody’s guess. The trademark papers show a very broad definition for which the name will be used for. The only clear info that we can decipher from the text there is that it will be a vehicle. Now we all know what Kawasaki uses the name ‘Ninja’ for, right? The suspense now is really building up on what sort of a motorcycle this name will be for. The last time around when Kawasaki gave a similar name the ‘H2’ for a motorcycle it turned out to be a supercharged machine that just stopped short of liftoff. What the ‘Ninja R2’ will turn out to be at this point of time is truly a secret that only Kawasaki knows.

There is talk of it being the naked brother of the Ninja H2, but that is unlikely as the Ninja name usually sticks with the faired range from Kawasaki. The best guess so far made is by analysing some of the evidence that has come in over the years. You see, the name ‘Ninja R2’ was trademarked just about 2 years ago. Over that time almost all the spyshots and sneak peeks we have seen have resulted in a motorcycle in the market today. The only info that did not translate to a related motorcycle is that of a four cylinder inline four engine caught by the guys at TMCBlog. Now the information they have suggests that the engine Kawasaki is working on would be a small capacity one something on the lines of the crazy rev happy machines that almost all manufacturers had one of in the pre 2000’s era. Now what we are going to say next is pure speculation. What if the ‘Ninja R2’ is a supercharged version of the smaller capacity inline four’s that used to rock our worlds. A 250cc supercharged inline four machine that would rev to a mind numbingly high 18 or 19K RPM. That would just be something else wouldn’t it?


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