Kawasaki Z800 India price

Depending on where you are located, you will now be available to get the Kawasaki Z800 at a whole 50,000 rupees or more cheaper. The ex-showroom price of the Z800 has been dropped for a limited time, basically to boost the sales before the next model change. So expect this sale to be there till March. What this translates to is a price of Rs. 9,19,418/- on-road price for Bangalore ( ex-showroom price of close to 7.8 lakh ). In Pune the ex-showroom price sees a slightly bigger drop, a drop of 55,000 INR. So the ex-showroom price of the Kawasaki Z800 in Pune is 7.35 lakh. The Pune guys get a slightly better deal. Kawasaki Delhi also has a similar deal to Bangalore. 50K drop in ex-showroom price to 7.45 lakh.

This move from Kawasaki could not have come at a better time. The most logical competition for the Kawasaki Z800 is the Triumph Street Triple. And ever since the power fiasco broke out, the Z800 surely seems to have the upper hand. An in-line four cylinder producing 111 BHP coming in at an on-road price of about 9 lakh is something that is really a decision maker. The Kawasaki Z800 also according to us probably is the better looker among the two. It certainly is super aggressive looking, probably the only downside being that it is quite heavy. Even heavier than the Kawasaki Z1000. Also there is no drop in the prices of the Triumph Street Triple, even after it clearly is still selling an under powered motorcycle. So if you are one of those who were deliberating between the Z800 and the Street Triple, this price cut on the Z800 surely does slide the needle in the Z’s favor by quite a bit. Intentional or not this move by Kawasaki sure is interesting due to its timing and hope some of the other models see some price cuts as well.


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